Poker Star Has Ferrari Stolen at Valet

He may be able to beat the odds at the table, but in the game of life, professional poker player Van Marcus only breaks even.

Two nights ago he went to pick up his high-performance Ferrari F430 Spider only to find it had been stolen by someone who must have had quite a poker face to bluff the valet into giving him the keys. The man was described as wearing a tracksuit and flannel shirt – which certainly doesn’t sound like millionaire chique – and was arrested 6 hours later at a service center along with the stolen car. Van ranted about the theft in typical 21st century fashion, via facebook.

The millionaire’s best known for his giant $162,857 win last year while on tour in Manill and his win at the World series for a total of $278,409.

The incident is being investigated by the casino, which claims it is a first, and seems to indicate there was a breakdown of proper valet procedures.

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